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We offer one stop solution for electronics system design needs. Our experts have profound industrial knowledge and skills in offering turnkey electronic design according to the designs and specifications of our esteemed clients. We are facilitated with innovative technologies and engineering resources along with an in-depth microcontroller, DSP, CPLD, FPGA mixed signal and analog know-how in rendering systems or embedded solutions.

Besides, our third party design house (TPDH) helps in outsourcing the electronic system developments of our clients. Our Engineering Consultants offer the following services in an effective manner.



(i) System Specification

We define and write the specifications for the electronic system to be developed
This task is done in cooperation with the client’s engineers to assure that the outcome meets 100% requirements
We recommend the electronic components to best fit cost, functional and performance targets


(ii) Embedded Software Development

We have development tools for a range of micro controllers and DSP, including, TI DSP, Atmel AVR micro controller family, Microchip PIC micro controller family, Motorola 68HC08 family, National Semiconductor COP8 and CR16 families and Texas Instruments MSP430 family

We develop, test and debug the software according to the client specification
We deliver the fully documented source code and test result documentation at the end of the project


(iii) Hardware Development

We design, layout and proto-type manufacturing of a printed circuit board (PCB) according to our clients system specification
By combining hardware and software development we deliver turn-key reference design for embedded control application, ready for production
I2R Labs manages the entire logistics process of getting that initial number of fully tested and assembled boards for field trials and customer evaluation/sign-off delivered to your doorstep - be it 1 piece or 1000 pieces


(iv) Product Conceptualization

We efficiently translate user research into a blueprint of the product


(v) Research

We create an accurate blueprint of the product using 3D modeling tools for visualization
On approval we translate these to actual products
The prototypes can range from simple paper mock-ups to full scale graphical templates depending on specific requirements.
The prototypes offer a complete view of how the finished product should be designed in terms visual and interaction flows
Our partners are capable of tooling, modeling, designing and fabrication

(vi) Patent filing

If your product is one of kind we can help in getting patents for your products.

Key Benefits of our Consultancy services include following:

Reduces time-to-market
Minimizes operating cost and risk
Accommodates temporary resource needs
Add expertise to our client development team that is unavailable in-house
Supplement client resources to accelerate development
Free client internal resources for other purposes