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We are one of the leading service providers in embedded system design, manufacturing the application hardware and firmware Development.

Evaluation Board

The Alchemy™ Au1200 based evaluation board is a complete board for developing advanced embedded systems to drive audio, video, pictures, and more. This versatile and powerful design can be enhanced to support digital media broadcast (DMB) and digital video broadcast (DVB) formats and global positioning system(GPS) requirements. This reference design is designed to provide a total “go to market” solution that addresses current market requirements. Based on the proven capabilities of RMI Alchemy™ Au1200™ processor technology, the evaluation board offers high performance, low power consumption, and flexible features to shorten your design cycles and help deliver new products for rapidly emerging markets.

The RMI’s Alchemy Au1200 Reference Design’s features are what you need to create products for today’s demands. Optimum power management helps deliver long battery life and operating flexibility. High integration offers the versatility to create small form factor products to deliver exceptional media playback. Expandability means you can add extra capabilities such as DMB, DVB, and GPS.