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We have developed a state to art technology for aotomobile industry which will reduse the rate of accedents.

Automotive Brake Lights



You are driving in heavy traffic. The automotive brake lights on the car in front of you come on. Is the car slowing or is it going to stop? It slows to 25 mph and the lights go off. You drop back. The car in front of you stops suddenly! You stop just in time. The car behind you collects your rear bumper.

Bumper to bumper collisions most often occur when the driver behind you didn't realize how hard you were braking. The solution is an automotive brake lights system that communicates slowing and urgent stopping, rather than simply that the brake pedal is being touched. A driver could be tapping his foot in time to music and the brake lights would blink. Or, a driver can rest her foot on the pedal and the lights would glow. It’s not enough information for the following driver. Our automotive brake lights help eliminate that scenario by using an array of horizontal led of green, orange and red, this led array will light up from green to orange and then to red based on the intensity of breaking. There are 10 Led of each color arranged horizontally. For lighter breaking the Led will light up in the green area for moderate breaking the Led will light up from Green to Orange and for heavy breaking all Led will light up till Red. It allows those behind you to clearly see whether you're lightly tapping the brakes to slow down or applying full force for a sudden stop.